Spagetti and Samosa

The first reaction we get from people hearing that we have an Italian and Indian restaurant is a look of shock and uncertainty. How could these two completely different food palates be together? “Is it fusion?” they ask? “No! It’s not fusion, it’s authentic!” and we go on to explain our story. I, Maria, was living with my grandparents in Italy and traveling to different hostels around Europe. I suddenly got an urge to go to India. I felt like something was pulling me there. I saved up for a few months and began planning my trip. I heard about this website called Couchsurfing that was designed for avid travelers to have more culturally immersed travel experiences by meeting locals in every city to show them around and/or even host them in their house. I had heard from a friend that Indian weddings were out of this world and I had to see one! So I logged onto couchsurfing and made a post in the Delhi and India group asking if anyone was going to a Hindu wedding. I had hundreds of replies from men only asking me to come with them and even marry them! There was no way I was going to meet any of them. I even stopped reading the replies, but read the first 20 and in one of the replies was this guy named Varun, who told me he and his family owned several restaurants where Indian weddings take place. After flying into Mumbai I met some female couchsurfers who happened to know Varun and that he really did have these restaurants. The next city on my itinerary was Delhi and I decided to meet this Varun guy whose nickname from childhood was Bunty. We hung out for several days and had a blast! And although it wasn’t love at first sight, we remained in contact during my six week trip around India and met up a few times. Fast forward five years, and we are married with the sweetest, most compassionate and intelligent baby girl, Vivienne Lourdes! Yea it’s the long story short version, but you get the gist of it! And thus, this is how Italian food came to be in the same restaurant as Indian food! We never mix the two foods to create fusion. I grew up with recipes from my family and he has recipes from his families. We love each other’s recipes, and cultures but do not try and Americanize or fusionize any of it! We also know that there are many people who want to go out and try something new but not everyone in the group is willing to. Bunty and Maria’s provides that option that is sure to please everyone in your group! So Buon Appetito and Namaste.